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Founded in 2014, JobHero is the web’s most comprehensive resource for providing jobseekers with highly customized career and job application advice. Whether you are exploring various career paths, crafting the perfect cover letter, or improving your resume in order to get more interviews, you’ll find the most impactful language and tips in our extensive career content library.

Our team of dozens of career experts works hard to create comprehensive, authoritative content that gives every JobHero user the best possible chance of landing the job of his or her dreams. The job search process can be extremely challenging to navigate, and our mission is to empower people to optimize each phase of the job search and application process and ultimately increase their chances of success.

The vast majority of our content is tailored to very specific job titles, which provides each user with the precise information needed to gain an edge in a particular industry. Whether the job is entry-level or C-suite, performed in an office or on a construction site, we’ve got you covered. We publish content spanning thousands of occupations and job titles, and this comprehensive approach helps us educate and inspire millions of jobseekers per month. We look forward to helping you throughout your individual career journey!